Thursday, October 31, 2013


Well friends, the book is very very slowly coming along.  It turns out that my co-author has done even less work than I have and he's in charge of two-thirds of the final product!  At this point, it's my hope to be done with my part in the next month.  But the most important thing I've discovered in my blogging time off is that I'm a much better mother when I'm not trying to blog!  I'm more attentive and present to my daughter's needs.  Between that realization and the fact that I go back to work in a few weeks means that the future of this blog is tenuous.  It's currently headed to the back burner, perhaps even the pantry.  In the meantime, please enjoy this excellent video reminder that advertising is rarely what it seems.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I'm supposed to be co-writing a book with a good friend of mine.  I've done very little and I don't think I can be more productive until I free up some time.  I've been blogging during the baby's down times, like at the crack of dawn and during half hour naps here and there.  I'm planning on taking a week off from blogging starting today to see if I can finish a draft. Wish me luck and I'll see you next week!

Daily Details:
weather: cloudy but dry
terrarium necklace: local.
moto shearling sweater: gift. similar in mushroom and heather gray.
camo jeans: accpw $7. exact-a-mundo.
sequined toms: accpw $2. also in silver and "multi."
pebbled bag: accpw $2. not similar, but i think this is super nice.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Burberry Bashful

To be honest, I've been a bit embarrassed about this bag.  I write this ethical, local, and thrift shopping blog and this bag does not fit the bill at all.  I got this bag long before I was interested in the aforementioned topics.  I fell in love with it, saved, schemed, and worked many extra hours after school  until it was mine.  But, naive as I was, I didn't realize that the pattern was so distinctive that everyone would know what it was.  I'm not into things with huge branding and I especially stay away from logo patterns, but I just thought this bag was beautiful. And I still think it is.  It's also a great size to fit all my things as well as the baby's.  So I'm going to wear this bag proudly today and from now on.  I earned it and it needs to get many many more uses!

On a totally different topic, are these shoes clogs or mules? Neither? Both? Also, I put this jacket in the consignment bag to sell as soon as I saw this photo! It's looking a bit too snug!

How do you feel about logo patterns?

Daily Details:
weather: cloudy with sunbreaks
cotton peacoat: old, accpw $2. similar.
red skinny jeans: thrifted. pinot?
crochet scarf: ancient. this is kind of the opposite, but i like it a lot! made in canada.
clogs/mules: very old, accpw $0.50. same idea.
bag: old, accpw $30. similar size.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I read about Verily magazine through a fb post on Friday and immediately went to my nearest locally owned grocery store to find it. No such luck.  I drove to the next nearest locally owned grocery store, one with a larger magazine section.  Still no.  I finally drove to Barnes and Noble, couldn't find it, asked the customer service person, and she told me they don't carry it. Dang! So I went home and ordered a subscription online.  Why was I so determined to get my hands on a copy?  Because Verily magazine promises not to alter its models images.  How refreshing and wonderful is that?!  I'm sure they can't really control their advertisers and I'll be interested to see who advertises with them, but I think images of real women are worth supporting.  I can't wait to receive my first issue!  Here's a link to a tv spot about it. (This is not a sponsored post, I'm just excited!)

Do you have a favorite magazine?

Daily Details:
cardigan: hand-me-down. similar in mulberry.
tank: dept store, accpw $3. cuter than mine.
plaid skirt: thrifted. not close- is the back weird or is it just me?
flats: old, accpw $2. i like this brand.
bag: old, accpw $14. cool studded tote.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Go Hawks!

This is what I wore on Sunday in observance of football.  Seattle's Seahawks are actually doing well and it is making the whole city a little bit happier.   I even bought the baby a tiny jersey to wear on game days.  It was about $15 and I figured she'd probably get 15 uses out of it during a 16 game regular season, and more if the team does well!   She didn't wear it last Sunday because I wanted her to look extra cute for a baby playdate, and the team lost!   I'm sure that's not the only reason why, but we're not taking any chances from now on!  Ha!  Anyhoo, I'm not much of a sports fan, but I own blue and green things and I usually watch most of the game with my husband, so I put this outfit together.  Also, I still feel slighted from the 2006 Superbowl.  Go Team!

Are you a football fan?

Daily Details:
weather: beautifully sunny
blue and green cashmere scarf: old, gift. here are some colorblocked cashmere scarves.
asymmetrical sweater: accpw $12. this jacket is really cool.
tee: thrifted. bargain!
jeans: thrifted. same brand, similar whiskering, made in the US.
blue shoes: local by a sustainable company. same brand, same strap, diff color. i like these- what color should i get?
yellow bag: in pretty fall colors

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Trouble With Yellow

If you've been following for a while, you know my favorite color is yellow. I love it, the right shade makes me feel happy.  The trouble with yellow, though, is that yellow items don't go with each other!  I really have to decide on one yellow thing a day. I can't wear my yellow coat with my big yellow bag!  I can't wear my yellow shirt with my yellow pants (hey, where is that thing?)  My yellow scarf doesn't go with my yellow raincoat!  Talk about first world problems...

I saw this yellow scarf at my favorite consignment store when I was dropping of six more items to sell.  I knew I had a yellow scarf at home so I didn't buy it.  When I got home, I found my yellow scarf and decided it wasn't as great as the one in the store, so I went back to make it mine.  I'll just sell my old yellow scarf next week!

Do you wear two shades of your favorite color at the same time?

Daily Details:
weather: partly sunny
tunic: really old, but rarely worn. accpw $15. these are made in the US and pretty cool
leather leggings: gift. get yours here
oxfords: thrifted, accpw $0.50. when these shoes die, I want to upgrade to these
scarf: consignment, accpw $7. these are very similar
love bracelet: accpw $1
leather tote: old, accpw $15. i think these are pretty cool

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I couldn't find a necklace that I liked with this v-neck today, so I opted for these dangly disc earrings instead.  I wear earrings everyday, but almost always my little diamond studs that my husband gave me as an anniversary gift.  I love them, but they're also hard to take off.  (This is the part when you're going to think I'm incredibly lazy.)  It takes approximately a whole minute to get them off or on as the backs have screws.  That's a really good thing, as I definitely don't want to lose them, but since changing them out takes longer than two seconds, I usually just leave them in! So anyway, please enjoy today's rare earring change!

Do you ever avoid clothes or accessories that take too much time?

Daily Details:
weather: party cloudy, rain showers
cashmere v-neck: old. practically twins.
printed skirt: thrifted. this one looks fun.
leggings: local. i bet you can get fifty-six uses out of these.
booties: used via ebay. these look so nice and are made in the usa
large yellow bag: gift. such a bright yellow and made in the usa.
earrings: old. ooh shiny. gold, too.
bracelets: old, thrifted, thrifted, old. V bracelet here, I might have to get another one in black snakeskin?